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The Mortgage Mashup Blog

The Mortgage Mashup Blog

Join us for discussion on current market news, mortgage trends and anything mortgage/real estate related!

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Fed Raises Benchmark rate; Higher loan limits for 2019

Posted on 24 December, 2018 at 10:25 Comments comments (11685)
Fed raised benchmark rate by another .25%. This is no surprise as it was expected. However what was surprising is that they indicated the projected steady increase in 2019 to curb inflation may simmer down some, which translates good for long term rates. Market has dipped some , with average 30 year rates in the 4.625% to 4.75% range. In other great news, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac increased the loan limits for conventional loans. The new loan limits in most non high cost areas increase fr... Read Full Post »

Energy Efficient

Posted on 17 October, 2018 at 10:55 Comments comments (13160)

FHA and VA Energy Efficient Mortgages


The Energy Efficient Mortgage can be utilized in conjunction with the FHA, FHA 203(k) and 203(h) and VA loan programs and allows borrowers to roll up the cost of certain energy saving improvements into their mortgage with a single closing. Environmentally conscious homeowners can dramatically reduce their monthly energy bill and may even be eligible for local and federal tax advantages*.

• 100% of the qualifying improv...

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Freddie Mac Home One Product

Posted on 9 August, 2018 at 20:50 Comments comments (14072)
Introducing the HomeOne Product. Unlike the HomeReady or HomePossible products that have income restrictions, this product does not. Your clients have broad and unique needs, HomeOne offers you a solution to help more first-time homebuyers achieve the milestone of homeownership, regardless of their income levels or geographic location. Both solutions ease challenges around available savings for down payment and closing costs, and reflect our dedication to responsible lending, sustainable homeown... Read Full Post »

Some Good Market News?!

Posted on 14 February, 2018 at 0:30 Comments comments (6538)

If mortgage rates keep rising to break the 5% barrier, most homebuyers will go right ahead with their purchase anyway.

Just 6 in 100 prospective homebuyers surveyed by Redfin said they would halt their planned home purchase if rates were above 5%, although a further 27% would slow their search.

A quarter of respondents said that a 5% rate would make no difference to their plans, 1 in 5 would speed up their search and a similar share would look to cheaper neighborhoods or a smaller...

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Renting your home during spring training

Posted on 7 December, 2017 at 22:45 Comments comments (10114)

In south florida, its turning the corner to that time of year where the weather is why people move to florida.  From the baseball world, its also the time of year when spring training athletes, staff, fans, etc are either looking to rent a home for spring training, or to list a home for rent.  On this weeks show, we had Holly Meyer Lucas, president of the Meyer Lucas Real Estate team, also a baseball wife, talking about an area of expertise.  Things to do, not to do (having cam...

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November 28th Mortgage Mashup Show Recap

Posted on 29 November, 2016 at 9:05 Comments comments (15814)

On this weeks Mortgage Mashup, we talked about all kinds of good mortgage talk and news.  We talked about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We discussed as well, the vote recount that is going on right now, and the confusion as to why it is getting done?  I still don't know the answer to that question.

In other news, rates have increased a total of about 1/2 point over the course of 2 weeks. THe largest 2 week jump in recent memory.  

We chatted as well abo...

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New USDA fees

Posted on 26 August, 2016 at 14:50 Comments comments (3435)

Exciting News!!! USDA is reducing their fees across the board . Starting October 1st, the upfront fee will be reduced from 2.75% to 1.0% of the loan amount and the monthly will be reduced from .50% to .35%. Example of what this means for you. A $200,000 loan previously had a fee charged by USDA that was rolled in to your loan of $5500. Now, that fee would be $2000. In addition, the monthly premium was previously $80.62 per month and now that will have dropped to $58.91 per month.


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Current Market Trend on Rates

Posted on 9 July, 2016 at 10:20 Comments comments (3700)

It is unreal what we have been seeing lately in regards to rates.  Taking one click on the 10 year Treasury note,{"range":"5y","allowChartStacking":true}, you can get an idea on where we are presently.  Take a look at where 5 year trends are, 10 year.  We are at all time lows.  To say take advantage of the rates, is an understatement.  What you were previously qualified for a month ago, and lets say a $220,0...

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New FHA rule regarding student loans

Posted on 22 June, 2016 at 17:25 Comments comments (3182)

The new FHA guidelines has some good and bad things to the program.  Regarding student loans, no longer is the payment assumed to be at 2% of the loan amount of loans that are in deferrment.  So on a student loan of $40,000, that is presently in deferrment, you would have to qualify at an $800.00 monthly payment.  Kind of tough.  Now its been dropped to $400.00  The bad news is, often times, you are able to qualify for an income based repayment plan (IBR) which would ...

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Boomerang Buyers

Posted on 22 February, 2016 at 11:15 Comments comments (2488)

Boomerang Buyers need to know ( a buyer coming back into the purchase market after a short sale , foreclosure, deed in lieu or bankruptcy).

What is my waiting period to purchase a home having gone through the above ?

If you are doing an FHA loan:

Deed in lieu , short sale , foreclosure is 3 years .

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy is 3 years. However if you have a foreclosure included in the BK , then it goes off the date of the last item. For example if you file for bankruptcy and ...

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