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The Mortgage Mashup Blog

The Mortgage Mashup Blog

Happy New Year!

Posted on 4 January, 2016 at 18:15

Each day I will be posting something new in regards to a food for thought regarding a New Year promise." I like to call it a promise instead of a resolution. Happy 2016!

1. Put your phone away! While at work only look at it when taking a lunch break. This can be such a time killer when trying to be focused on a task at hand. Multi tasking often times, pulls you from the important tasks you are trying to complete. When you are with family/friends keep it stored away and be present with the conversations you’re having. Never take it out when driving a vehicle.

2. Keep in contact with family and friends. From a simple text message “Hello” to an hour FaceTime/Skype chat, be sure to make time for your family and friends.

3. Stay active. The clichest of cliché New Year’s Resolutions, but this year there are no excuses.

4. Try at least one new thing every month. Learning is fun and you might discover a different side of

5.Write down your goals. Writing out your goals will help remind you of where you want to be in 2016 and years ahead.

6. Embrace the word “no.” You are not obligated to do everything. So, learn to say “no” when you

really don’t feel like doing something, especially going to that party for your best friend’s boyfriend’s sister-in law.

7. Do small acts of kindness every week. Giving out compliments or volunteering your time at a local

shelter will make you feel better a lot better about yourself and the world you live in.

8. Ditch that bad habit. Time to say goodbye to those habits that are not doing you any good. See ya never!

9. Save your money. Whether it is for something big or small there is no better feeling than rewarding yourself for all the hard work you do.

10. Relax. Take that vacation or sleep in a few extra hours on the weekend. Make time for you! All the things on your to-do list will still be there, but you need to make time for yourself first.

Yours in Service, 

Vincent Fiordilino

Branch Manager, Perl Mortgage of Jupiter, 561-745-3344

[email protected]

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